Our Firm

Perkins Law, LLC is here to help! Whether it's divorce, estate planning, or criminal defense, you deserve a dedicated team. Our commitment is to provide thorough and effective solutions, ensuring optimal outcomes with precision and professionalism.  

At Perkins Law, LLC, we recognize that each client's situation is unique. Our experienced team tailors our approach to meet your specific needs, offering personalized guidance throughout the legal process. By approaching every case with a blend of assertiveness, tact, and a focus on clear communication, we strive to keep you informed and empowered, so you can make informed decisions. 

Moreover, our dedication extends beyond the resolution of immediate concerns. We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients, fostering trust and reliability. Perkins Law, LLC is not just a legal service; we are your dependable partner committed to securing the best possible results for your future. 

Rest assured, we're here to provide practical solutions for your legal needs. 


Our Team

Shelly K. Perkins


Shelly’s main areas of focus are all types of person directed law, better known as domestic relations law, criminal defense, and wills and trusts.

Arusi R. Loprinzi


Arusi has a devotion for solving legal problems. He brings a diverse background of experience and success, from both large and small law firms.

Christian N. Scritsmier


Christian is a native Oregonian. While attending the Willamette University College of Law, Christian clerked for the Marion County District Attorney’s Office.

Joseph J. Darwish


Joseph pursues a form of legal representation precisely tailored to meet the client’s individual needs.

Chantal R. Guzman


Chantal utilizes her diverse professional experience and dedication to complex problem solving to engage with clients to find creative solutions and advocate for their interests.

Kelsey C. Kehoe


Kelsey has a unique lens that can be applied to many of the financial concerns that arise in the family law matters our firm handles. 

Jason P. Levy


Jason Levy has a diverse, comprehensive, and relevant set of skills and experience which he would be thrilled to apply to your legal matter.

Jenny K. Mikel


Jenni brings her pragmatic problem solving approach to her family law practice while maintaining a client centered focus.

Jazmin K. Perkins


Jazmin’s experience in multiple roles at Perkins Law has allowed her to learn about every aspect of a family law case.

Nick R. Teel


Nick brings his diverse background and experiences to strategically obtain optimal results for his clients.